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AGBADA A007 three piece (top, trouser and agbada) outfit made from finest cashmere wool fabrics, that ensures no skin scratch and calmness on the body.


It’s no longer news that fashion is taking a huge leap and many things that were tagged redundant by earlier generation are now resurfacing as trending statement pieces. Earlier before now, it is ridiculous to see a young man wearing Agbada when it’s not his wedding ceremony, he’s not a royal figure or attending a ceremonious occasion in the palace.

Agbada as a full formal attire consists of three pieces of clothing: a pair of tie-up trousers that narrow towards the ankles, a long, short or three quarter-sleeved shirt and a wide, open-stitched sleeveless gown worn over these. The three pieces are generally of the same colour. It is made from asoke, cotton or cashmere and richly embroidered in traditional patterns. However, modern Yoruba make the Agbada from synthetic cloths that resemble silk in stark contrast to its cotton origins.

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