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Orange Groom agbada style GM002


Orange Groom agbada style GM002 is a 3piece outfit suitable for a very Classy Nigerian man Groom. Its is made from finest of soft asoke fabric for men with uniques desire for style.


Orange Groom agbada style GM002 is a 3piece outfit suitable for a very classy ceremonies.

Groom Agbada style is made from the finest soft Asoke fabric for men with a unique desire for style.

Groom Agbada style is a four-piece male attire that is popular among the Hausa and Yorubas in Nigeria but is fast becoming accepted among other tribes or regions.

Groom Agbada style can be made with different kinds of fabrics which is cotton, wool, and Asoke.

The style consists of a large, free-flowing outer robe (awosoke), an undervest (awotele), a pair of long trousers (sokoto), and a hat (fìla).

The outer robe—from which the entire outfit derives the name agbada, meaning “voluminous attire”—is a big, loose-fitting, ankle-length garment.

There are two types of undervest: the buba, a loose, round-neck shirt with elbow-length sleeves; and dansiki, a loose, round-neck, sleeveless smock.

The Yoruba trousers, all of which have a drawstring for securing them around the waist, come in a variety of shapes and lengths.

The two most popular trouser styles for the agbada are sooro, a close-fitting, ankle-length, and narrow-bottomed piece; and kembe, a loose, wide-bottomed one that reaches slightly below the knee, but not as far as the ankle.

Different types of hats may be worn to complement the agbada; the most popular, gobi, is cylindrical in form, measuring between nine and ten inches long.

When worn, it may be compressed and shaped forward, sideways, or backward. Literally meaning “the dog-eared one,” the abetiaja has a crestlike shape and derives its name from its hanging flaps that may be used to cover the ears in cold weather. Otherwise, the two flaps are turned upward in normal wear.

The labankada is a bigger version of the abetiaja, and is worn in such a way as to reveal the contrasting color of the cloth used as underlay for the flaps.

Some fashionable men may add an accessory to the agbada outfit in the form of a wraparound (ibora). A shoe or sandal (bata) may be worn to complete the outfit.

The Yoruba place as much of a premium on the quality of material used for the Groom Agbada style as on how well a dress fits resonates with the popular saying, Gele o dun, bii ka mo o we, ka mo o we, ko da bi ko yeni (It is not enough to put on a head-gear, it is appreciated only when it fits well).

In spite of its voluminous appearance, the groom agbada style is not as hot as it might seem to a non-Yoruba.

Apart from the fact that some of the fabrics may have openwork patterns (eya), the looseness of an agbada and the frequent adjustment of its open sleeves ventilate the body.

This is particularly so when the body is in motion, or during a dance, when the sleeves are manipulated to emphasize body movements.

Agbada is becoming modernized to suit current fashion trends. Most grooms and groomsmen with taste in style, wealth, and class now use agbada for their traditional wedding ceremonies and other very special occasions.

Agbada style has also become what most of the political class wear, for some as a show of wealth while for others it’s becoming a regular outfit for the ruling class.

Fashion designers in Nigeria like AmDiddy continue to make the agbada style even better with luxury fabrics and well-crafted embroidery designs to suit different regions and religions.

The groom agbada style is available in different colors.

Note: To make your experience better and ensure a perfect fit, we are happy to schedule a WhatsApp video call at an agreed time and date to guide you take a proper measurement.

You can book an appointment today and let your style speak for you.

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